Global Pandemics – Now and Then

These two Google Forms were created by Nicolas and I for our 10th grade World History classes at Mountain View High School. For my class, these are the second and third lessons about the plague – this week the students got an introduction and next week on Monday and Tuesday they will be working with these two forms during their “on-demand” learning.

Link to form; “Analyzing the Black Plague Primary Sources”

Link to form; “The Plague & COVID-19”

Feature Image: “File:Bubonic plague-en.svg” by derivative work: Andy85719 is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

5 Replies to “Global Pandemics – Now and Then”

  1. Maggie! I loved your comparisons between the plague and our current pandemic! This is exactly the theme I was going to take but I snoozed, so now I lose. Great job making the Forms interactive and succinct. I left some funny comments for ya – great job.

    1. Thanks Alex!

      I enjoyed your responses – I wasn’t expecting to find such a similar image comparing the plague doctor to the COVID doctor, so it was crazy when I came across that one and realized her mask was beak shaped and even their hand placement is similar! Who knew we’d have so much in common with people that lived through the plague…hopefully sooner than later we get to stop finding the Middle Ages so relatable

  2. This is a great activity! I like how you incorporated student attitudes. I think this allows students to feel safer and keeps their minds at ease while filling out the quizzes. I’m going to have to steal that from you.

  3. Glad we hung around after class and got the idea to use in your classroom with some modifications to my assignment. I’m sure you two will play around with a differentiated form some day.

    I read some of the Decameron in 10th grade. Very saucy stories. I’m so pleased to see how my students are leveraging what we do in class into their placements.

    The parallels are so striking. America’s poor performance makes me think that too many people have not learned the lesson of history. Sadly today I think some people still ignore that its a respiratory disease.

    Your lesson was excellent. I started to fill in answers, but then didn’t want to mess up your data collection. I’d be interested to hear how it went.

    PS. – we are using Jamboard in this coming class

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