Summer of Love in the San Francisco Bay

The target student group for this would probably be a U.S. History or Pop Culture class. I had several lessons on this content my senior year of high school in an elective class called 20th Century Pop Culture. Both these quizzes are essentially humorous pre-assessment’s or a very informal entrance or exit ticket.

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  1. Justin! Loved the way you tied music and culture together in your Google Forms, it reminded me quite a bit of the vibe I got from Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Very creative adventures, I think you’ve really got this Google Forms thing down!

  2. Hi Justin,

    I had a lot of fun doing this and I imagine that students would as well. It was super engaging and didn’t really feel like doing an assignment – yet it still tied in a lot of relevant cultural and historical aspects that were at play during this time. Great job!

  3. Can I take your U.S. history/pop culture class? This was a lot of fun, and I like how you tied in resources for people to fill in info if they didn’t already know!

  4. These were awesome, and really fun to fill out. I liked the personality on display in each. I feel like I would be really engaged by this activity in high school. A Pop Culture class would be incredible. I have a friend who was able to create a “Media Literacy” elective which had a lot of great counter-culture activity in it. That could also be a way to incorporate this stuff.

  5. Great topic! I think the format of your differentiated form is really engaging. It definitely puts the students directly in the history of this period, which also helps with comprehension and connection to their own interests. Nice job!

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