Harrington- “Where I’m From” My Map

I decided to use Google My Maps to show where I’m from. I chose this option because my freshman World History class will be learning about relative and absolute location. My CT talked about using this program in class to complete a similar assignment. This is a great opportunity for me to learn how to use it, show them an example of a My Map I created, and have them learn a little bit more about me.

In the map I created, I wanted to highlight the journey I took to becoming an educator. It was not a straight forward path, but I eventually landed here. I initially wanted to have lines connecting each of the places in sequential order. I learned that it doesn’t work as well, if your locations are far apart from each other. Therefore, I added additional layers that were color coded to signify different stages in my educational and professional journey. I liked how there are various options to choose from when ordering the locations within a layer. I chose to have it in sequential order, but there were various other options available. The program allows for customization, which is great!

Overall, this program is very intuitive and easy to use. I didn’t need to refer to the videos when creating it. I am excited to potentially introduce my students to it.

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  1. I hadn’t known that you were so musical. That’s awesome! I’m glad that you will be including myMaps in your class. please let me know how that goes.

  2. Great idea to use this for the concepts of relative and absolute locations. Nice that you felt like you had many options throughout the process and that it was intuitive.

    I love to see where you’ve traveled. I haven’t been to Germany or Austria yet!

  3. Glad you got a preview of something you’ll be using in your placement. Remind me to show you how to integrate MyMaps with Google Forms to collect locations.

  4. Sounds pretty cool that you got to familiarize yourself with a program you’ll actually be using later in the year, I have to say. I really liked the color coding addition you made – it made your journey a lot easier to understand and take in at a glance, which is what I struggle with when looking at My Maps presentations. It was interesting to read about your year and half with the Ford Foundation, which led me to Google the foundation and look up exactly what they are (only to later realize a link had already been embedded). I think it’s interesting an exciting that those kind of exchanges are possible and encouraged by the format of MyMaps. There’s space for information, but it also seems particularly well suited to including small nuggets of information to whet a student’s interest. I could see lessons built where MyMaps provides a basic framework for students to refer to, alongside more detailed linked information they could use for research.

    1. Good observations Scott. There’s a lot more that can be done with MyMaps like adding layers that can be toggled on and off. Can also add shapes to define areas, and more

  5. I agree that MyMaps seems a lot more effective with points generally geographically close. I have used it a lot just within Portland and you can get very creative with connections between points if it is a smaller area.

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