Schiller- Where I’m From: Oregon

Learning new technology is both exciting and dreadful for me. While I catch on pretty quickly to more traditional reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities, some technology assignments take me twice as long as usual to complete. Exploring and getting to know my options is fun and helpful, but it is also a bit stressful if I cannot make the technology do what I want it to. Haiku Deck was no exception.

However, even before experimenting with the technology, I thought this particular assignment was going to be difficult. Picking just a single place to present? I have lived so many places. When Peter suggested the state of Oregon, I relaxed. The majority of where I’ve lived in my life has been the state of Oregon, a state I love dearly. So, I felt at ease and excited about completing the project. Not only could I express my love for Oregon but so could I share its often secret nature of diversity.

I originally wanted to demonstrate Oregon’s diversity in a single slide, juxtaposing multiple photos. Nope. Not happening. Haiku Deck limits a user to a single photo per slide. So, I compromised. Over the course of 18 slides, I hope you enjoy a brief history of my life and enjoy Oregon’s diverse, luxurious beauty throughout! If there’s one thing Haiku Deck gets right, it’s high-definition photos. To add a bit of personal flare, I added some of my own. Thanks, everyone!

Where I’m From: Oregon – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires;

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  1. Guess you now have more places to hangout than Walmart. Glad to see you persevered through the challenges of Haiku Deck. Always a trade off between simplicity and lack of features you’re looking for.

  2. I enjoyed learning about the different places you’ve lived around Oregon!
    I went the Google MyMaps route for this project, where it is difficult to use personal photos. One thing I really like about your Haiku Deck is that I am able to see you in it! I like how you used both your own and other photos – even if you could only display them one slide at a time.
    Also, I appreciate your honesty about how you feel learning new technologies. I feel the same most times.

  3. I really enjoyed your Haiku Deck. I also really liked that you included personal photos. It brought an additional element to the project. It would interesting to see if there were other programs available that would allow you to add multiple pictures to one slide. I know Windows PowerPoint has that option. In class, it might be interesting to allow students to choose between using Haiku Deck and Powerpoint, so they have the functionality options they want.

  4. I really loved how the geography you shared also showed a lot about who you are. I think Haiku Deck is able to show the contrasts between city, desert, and valley really well as you flip through the pictures and spend time looking at each one in a singular way. I think that is an advantage of the Haiku Deck functionality that only allows one picture per slide.

    I share a similar sense of dread about educational technology, as I am not usually comfortable with new computer programs. I think having the ability to explore it with material familiar gave us a chance to learn the program.

  5. I think it is interesting that so many of us took this assignment in different ways. I like that you thought outside what a lot of us did in explaining where we were from figuratively and going literal without using MyMaps. It added interest while looking through all of these. That is an important thing to remember about our students as well, we never really know if they will tak an assignment in the way we think they will.

    1. Kelly – your observation is significant “so many of us took this assignment in different ways” When we give students choice, it invites them to compare and reflect on how they all went about achieving their goals. BTW – you can have student choice w/o technology more elaborate than paper and pencil.

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