Kelly Marx – “I am from…” Haiku Deck

I solidified from this activity my views that collaborative learning is so helpful to students. I also solidified that my personal learning comes very easily when I am able to fiddle with whatever I am learning and teach others.

Visualizing Place – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

I can use this technology to give kids access to a “PowerPoint like” site for free. Haiku Deck also does a better job of being more readily shareable as well as being more user-friendly than PowerPoint. It does have less features however so for me this would be a toss up on which program to use dependent on what I wanted my kids to be able to do.

In terms of the assignment I could use this for an “about me” project if I kept the same formatting. I could also use the “mymaps” app to teach kids about their hometown geography and help explain the concept of “place” in a geographical sense.

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  1. I forget that you are from a small town. I always think that you are “from Eugene.”

    Do you think that you could use it to do inductive/deductive learning along the lines of Kalnin’s Yellow Eye lesson? I was thinking that might be a good option for something like that but I’d like your opinion.

  2. Did you figure out how to get the chart data that you wanted? Remember to show me how you did it.

    Another app to consider is Google Slides. It has great sharing features and group members can comment on each others’ work. we’ll be using it later on in the course. I think the latest version of Apple Keynote has sharing. So does Microsoft PPT.

  3. Kelly,

    I connected with your Haiku Deck because I also grew up on a small rural town. Especially with the slide of chickens who come to their name. My father has named all 40 of his chickens he raises. I feel like I know you a little more through your Haiku Deck. I agree that the Haiku Deck could be another tool instead of using PowerPoint, and it can be use for an icebreaker activity to get to know students.

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