My Very First Screencast

This 35 second video is the culmination of nearly two hours of work. I would consider the time consuming nature of video editing to be a drawback, however I am still ascending the steepest part of the learning curve and it would likely become easier with experience.

This project was meant to mimic the style of the opening page on University of Portland’s website. As soon as the page loads there is a video of students rock climbing at the rec center.

Using Cantasia, I was able to create a video slideshow using images of the memorial. One of them was from Wikicommons, and I edited the attribution onto the photo using Adobe Spark. The others were “borrowed” from Peter (I hope he doesn’t mind).

What if we had something like this on a loop set as part of the landing page for our website, so that when people first arrive at our site they are immediately greeted with moving images? As the weather changes, it might be nice to go up there and get a 10 second video clip of leaves falling around the memorial, or snow falling, to add dynamism to the effect.

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  1. You are so close David! Just keep trying or as Dory would say “Just keep swimming!” I would suggest trying to use Quicktime player for voice over next time.

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