I made a screencast showing how to export a document in Pages to either Word or PDF format. This might be useful to students who work on Macs but can’t submit work in Pages format.

Screencasting/slidecasting seems most useful for either tutorial videos explaining how to do something on the computer for students, or perhaps to deliver content in a flipped classroom model. Challenges might include the teacher not knowing how to perform the desired function either, distribution to students who may have difficulty accessing it, and recording, which is always stressful and frustrating for the teacher.

Featured Image Credit: Adobe Spark

Lead up to Revolution: Slide Cast

Above is my screencast (more like a slidecast) of the events leading up to the Revolutionary War. Could be used in my 8th grade US History class as a brief review for students. All the events were taken from our Revolutionary War packet so the students should be familiar with them.


Colonial .Boston Harbor. King George III. Badger. Police clip art.

Crossing the Delaware. First prayer in Congress.  Cup of tea.  Patrick Henry

Screencast:Interactive Ellis Island Tour

The following video shows students how to complete an interactive tour of Ellis Island.  This activity is part of our immigration unit.  Students will be completing this tour as if they immigrating into the United states.  They will be given a worksheet that will help guide them along the tour.  At each of the 10 stops, students will read a passage, analyze primary documents, and record their reflection of their time spent at that stop.

Western Expansion Unit Walkthrough

Two of my main goals as an educator is to master the collective ‘little things’ that make my students lives easier, and effectively communicate with others in my department.  Both of these goals are student centered.

I work on a windows 10 PC, and a great tool to achieving these two goal is one simple macro away (win+G).  This macro opens up a screen capture tool that is embedded in all windows 10 devices. This ease of use opens up worlds of possibilities in creating “walk-through”s for students in addition to  verbal or written instruction. I personally have 3 students with IEPs that specifically call for written instruction slips in addition to verbal instruction. Recording step by step instructions via screen-capture amplifies this accommodation.

This tool also has it’s merits in  communication. From teacher to teacher collaboration, presenting curriculum to a  dept chair for approval, or providing a review of grades/ student work for parents, this tool will find it’s way into my repertoire by the time I have my own classroom.

Below you will find my screen capture that gives an overview of the Western Expansion Unit that I will start teaching next Friday. Please provide comments/ tips and tricks if you have them!


(click on the photo below to view my Unit Project Instructions)

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