Western Expansion Unit Walkthrough

Two of my main goals as an educator is to master the collective ‘little things’ that make my students lives easier, and effectively communicate with others in my department.  Both of these goals are student centered.

I work on a windows 10 PC, and a great tool to achieving these two goal is one simple macro away (win+G).  This macro opens up a screen capture tool that is embedded in all windows 10 devices. This ease of use opens up worlds of possibilities in creating “walk-through”s for students in addition to  verbal or written instruction. I personally have 3 students with IEPs that specifically call for written instruction slips in addition to verbal instruction. Recording step by step instructions via screen-capture amplifies this accommodation.

This tool also has it’s merits in  communication. From teacher to teacher collaboration, presenting curriculum to a  dept chair for approval, or providing a review of grades/ student work for parents, this tool will find it’s way into my repertoire by the time I have my own classroom.

Below you will find my screen capture that gives an overview of the Western Expansion Unit that I will start teaching next Friday. Please provide comments/ tips and tricks if you have them!

(click on the photo below to view my Unit Project Instructions)

Adobe Spark Page

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