Thinking Like a Historian

This google forums mini lesson allows students to utilize a lot of historical thinking skills, including sourcing, contextualization, and close reading. An activity like this allows students to work with the primary source and make their own analysis of the document rather than reading sources secondhand from a textbook. It’s an extremely visual activity in comparison to reading, and the activity relates to key vocab found in most World War I units. Also, since I chose to not make the forum a quiz, students can collaborate and answer the open ended questions together. Additionally, I could see the forum formatting useful for a lot of different activities, with the most useful one being an exit slip for a formative assessment tool. I can very easily see myself using something like I created today in my classrooms in the future.

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  1. Good choice of image. I think the questions will get the students thinking about how countries try to mobilize the entire nation to support the war. I would suggest redoing the Google form so the image was larger. Or leave the form alone and add a large version of image to the post.

  2. Great stuff, Jose. You don’t see ads like this anymore, that’s for sure. I wonder if it has something to do with the public having a better grasp on the realities of war – this poster seems to romanticize it, don’t you agree? I agree with Peter, I think creating a separate image within the post is a good idea. Once you submit the google form the picture (and all the background information) disappears. Thanks again for a great post.

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