Utter Destruction: The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Featured Image by Jordy Meow from Pixabay

Image 1: Anti-Japanese Propaganda

Image Source

Context: This propaganda poster was created by the U.S. Army to be seen by the American people during WWII.

Bias Icebreaker: What bias is this image trying to create in the viewer?

Expected Student Response: The caption in this poster makes me think that its goal is to instill hatred of the Japanese people in American citizens. The creator wants the viewer to create a bias toward the Japanese so that Americans would support the invasion of Japan during WWII.

Image 2: The Bomb’s Aftermath

Image Source

Context: This photo is a view of Hiroshima, taken after the bombing.

Caption Writer Icebreaker: Using what you know about the bombing of Hiroshima, how would you caption this photograph? Why?

Expected Student Response: The caption I would give this photo is “Hiroshima left devastated after the American bombing. How will they recover?”. I chose this caption because this photo shows the aftermath of the bombing. There is very little left of the city.

Image 3: Years Later

Image Source

Context: This photo is of an area affected by the bombing in Hiroshima.

Questioning Icebreaker: What questions do you have when looking at this photo?

Expected Student Response: How could the people of Hiroshima rebuild the city? What was this building before? What does Hiroshima look like now? Where was this building located? Did all of Hiroshima look like this?

2 Replies to “Utter Destruction: The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki”

  1. Great mix of pictures and propaganda posters. I like that you focused the last two images on the bombing and the destruction left behind, immediately afterwards and 3 years later. The icebreakers you chose to include with them also helps the reader probe deeper and help to further their understanding of the long term affects of the dropping of the bombs. Great job!

  2. A chilling trio of images. It’s interesting to me that all three are from the US government. The first whipping up American to go “Finish the Japs” with a big wrench. The last two show the damage it did.

    The two army photos of the aftermath make me wonder – why is the Army taking these photos? To study the destruction they inflicted? Kind of macabre.

    Also makes me wonder what happened to the photographer? Can’t be a healthy place to take a photos.

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