Women’s Suffrage Lesson/ U.S. News Map

The U.S. News Map site is a great tool for searching through news articles on U.S. events up to 1922.  This is also a great site for students to develop their skills of analyzing primary source documents.  I would design a lesson for students using U.S. News Map by having students search for articles about a specific event.  For instance, students can search for articles about the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the U.S.  I would require students to find 3 articles and give them a series of scaffolded questions to answer for each article:

  1. When was the article written? Who wrote it? Where was it written?
  2. How is the event being written about?
  3. Summarize the article and give specific details.

After students find 3 articles and answer the subsequent questions, I would have students write a short answer essay about women’s suffrage that includes specific detail from the articles.

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  1. Hi Kelly,
    I like the lesson – explore the historical newspapers with sourcing task. Nice explainer video for addressing the assignment. FYI- I wanted to clarify that the US News Map is a locational search tool for using the database in Chronicling America. Unless your activity has a geographic component, students might use the latter tool with more search tools built in.

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