Developing Cornell Notes

Background: This is a perfect video to share with my students as we begin the year. Obviously Cornell notes are a huge part of our class, (and many other classes) and so making sure students know how to properly develop them after they are complete is crucial for their proper usage. Instead of taking the time to explain note development in class as I had done this term, I can post this video on my Google Classroom and assign it to my students before we even take a single page of notes. It’s very quick and pretty self explanatory. If students still have questions, or a difficult time understanding, they can read the hand out, or ask me directly. This video should give a quick rundown on how to develop the left hand column, and summary sections of our everyday ritual that is note taking.

Apartment Renter Market Equilibrium Activity

I have embedded a video of me showing students how to perform an activity I planned that creatively assesses their understanding of market equilibrium. They act as a real estate speculator that has to collect information in a custom google map and then plug that into a google form and make a supply and demand graph to prove their claim on the location of the equilibrium point. This is an informal assessment that would happen midway through a unit.