Final Project 2021

Imagine it’s a few months from now and you are applying for a teaching position. You want to share an example of how you can design an engaging history lesson.

Students will design and publish a document-based lesson (DBL).

Note: You will not “teach” this lesson. But your post should includes the following: 

  1. Featured image and relevant title
  2. Introduction of the DBL with brief historic context as needed.
  3. Essential question. Open ended, invites discussion / debate. If possible phrase so it continues to be a relevant question.
  4. Clear statement of what students will be asked to do. For example : What historical thinking skills will they be working with? 
  5. About 5 – 8 related documents (image, text, video, audio) that will support the essential question and task.
  6. Each document must have a citation that includes a working hyperlink back to the source.
  7. Scaffolding question for each document to assist the student in examining the document (Could be Sourcing, Contextualization, Corroborating or Close reading)


Here are some examples from Fall 2020 class | Fall 2019 projects here

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