Fountains of Knowledge: Using Google Forms to pre-assess and expand information about the Spanish Reconquista

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Lesson Background

Target Group:
I envision these forms being used as an introduction and post-lesson supplement for an 11th grade history course. This class is about to spend a unit learning about Moorish Spain and the Reconquista as an introduction into the Age of Exploration by Christian kingdoms in Europe.

Context for Lesson:
The first form is a pre-assessment/introduction to the topic with a short video and image. The second form is an opportunity for students to learn more about one or two specific topics related to the Reconquista that may not have been covered in class due to time constraints. Both of these are meant to provide supplementary material to a short unit.

Google Forms

Direct Links:
Form 1: The Reconquista Introduction
Form 2: The Reconquista Supplemental

4 Replies to “Fountains of Knowledge: Using Google Forms to pre-assess and expand information about the Spanish Reconquista”

  1. This lesson was really interesting! I like how you incorporated student choice in the second activity. Giving students choice is something I think would be really great to incorporate into my classes. Yay for encouraging student motivation. Great Post!

    1. Thanks! I like the idea of adding supplementary info in some ways, especially in COVID times, because I think trying to cram so much into a Zoom call can be messy.

      I’ve actually been thinking about a class exercise that would be creating a kind of wikipedia page for content relating material covered together throughout the class. Using something like Microsoft OneNote, but maybe something sleeker and online. Feels like a fun way to blend SS and Tech.

  2. I went to the Alhambra in the early 1970s still remember the beautiful solitude. You made good use of the two forms. Like Angela, I liked he choice in second – war or art.

    I wonder if you might have had a last section on the second so that regardless of which path they took -they got some closure. Since some of the art showed battles might have been a connection point.

    1. The Alhambra is pretty amazing, I love Spain.

      Yeah, to be honest, I struggled creating the form, and would have liked to combine them in a more cohesive way. I also had a third section for “Notable Figures” but felt it was getting too long and cumbersome. If we can touch on in class about linking things together in the end I’d appreciate it.

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