Imperialism Poster Project Instructional Video

Imperialism Poster Project Instructions

Audience: This video is intended for 9th grade students in a Modern World History class.

Lesson Context: This video is to help my students digest the requirements of their upcoming Imperialism Poster Project. The link to this video will be posted on Canvas for my students, and I will require students to watch this video during asynchronous time before I introduce the project in class.

Purpose: This video will help me save synchronous class time because students will be able to come to class with any questions about the assignment. I can spend time addressing these questions without having to explain the entire project over again. The purpose of this video is also to provide students with a clear set of instructions that they can refer back to during asynchronous learning.

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  1. First off I think the video is very clearly stated. Good sound quality. Well rehearsed and will likely give students additional support with the task. Nice to see some of the unit that follows the lesson you taught to our class on imperialism.

    I realize that you already made and used this. So my recommendations below are just to guide your thinking on designing new explainer videos in the future.

    My main observation is that you are reading a multipage doc – and your words are not directly reinforced by the visual.

    A few ideas that I have:
    1. You could highlight part of the text as you describe them – just by dragging cursor over them
    2. You could share the longer doc with them separately. But create an edited FAQ from your instructions and use that to drive your presentation.
    3. You could share the longer doc with them separately. And then do a video that shows them examples of what you want from them – close reading a sample poster.
    4. Eight mins is an eternity on the internet. You might think about dividing the task into sub section and doing a separate and shorter video on each.

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