Analyzing Poetry in Motion

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The subject of poetry is like a fine wine that ages over time. The words that describe poetry is immaculate, perfect , and a symphony of words . Combine words and create a masterpiece, a sculpture, or art.

Target Audience

In this lesson, 10th grade students will create a short poem from the word bank that is displayed below. It can be an alternating rhyme scheme (A/A/B/B), or a haiku ( one line of 5 syllables, second line of 7 syllables, third line of 5 syllables). I want students to make their own poems and feel their words come to life as they construct them.


For this lesson, we will include the history and highlights about Edgar Allan Poe, Robert Frost, and William Shakespeare, and I. These poems will act as a guide when making your own poem. Have an idea about the topic your poem will be about. Think about the language each poet uses and compare it to one another. Come up with questions to help your understanding then start writing your poem.


First we will start off by reading one poem from Poe, Frost, Shakespeare, and myself. During this time you should write down notes on the type of language from each poem. The next step is that I will distribute a list of 40 words. Depending on your poem, your job is to create a poem with at least 8 words from that list.

Resources for the lesson:

Here is mine:

My name 
First Day of school and I introduce my name
I hear other names 
They might be simple, but all are unique 
When I introduce my name it’s a tongue twister for many
A few have gotten it right the first time, but the rest not so much 
I hear Cristano, Cristiano, or even Croissant Roll
How do misspell my name when it is right in front of you on a piece of paper
You work in a tall skyscraper but all you need is a translator 
I go by the nickname Dos for many years (and still do to this day)
Then in 8th grade I decided to change my Cris. 
I rarely use my real name
But when I do use my it, I am almost demanding you to say my name right and to stop acting shady
My name is creation
Like an artist and the work that they painted 
My name is my identity, it defines who I am
This name that I own has a history behind it
It is not just “the second"
I am proud of the name I was given
To many my name is Dos
To some I am Cris 
And to the handful that know my true name 
I am Crisanto de Guzman II

In addition to the poems above, please watch the two videos. These two videos should help you have an idea on how your poem will be presented. Some guiding questions you might include: Think about how the people are saying their poems? Is it loud, is it soft, is it fast, slow, etc.

Delivery Consideration: A presentation by Canvas. The use of visual aid.

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  1. Cris! I didn’t know you were a poet! Were you thinking you would go into some detail on the lives of these poets? Will the historical context of any poems be highlighted?

    1. I have been doing poetry for three years and to answer your question, yes there will be some background highlights from each poet

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