Postcards from the Past

“Greetings from the Past!”

For this activity we will be visiting the website I created for my U.S. History class at Wilson High School.

This assignment was designed to build on students’ abilities to perform a close reading of a text. Using a primary source as inspiration, students are free to invent, embellish, and illustrate their interpretations of historical texts. Students were asked to imagine themselves in a specific time and place, along with anything they’d like to describe to family or friends.

Students will need access to the course website to access primary source materials, as well as any notecards, colored pencils, or illustration apps necessary to create a postcard image. Following completion of the assignment, postcards will be displayed for students to view, and to and discuss their interpretations with the class.

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  1. Hey Casey!! This sounds like a really exciting activity!! It’s always really cool to see what questions students have when writing to historical figures or primary texts. It’s really cool to see what they think is included. I’m really excited to participate in this today!

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