First Families as an American Ideal

For this project I was initially looking into portraits and family photos from the late 1800s, and intended to explore what differences there were between how white and blacks were posed and portrayed. However, I soon realized that while this topic was interesting to me, I would be limited in the amount of documents there […]

The Only Thing We Have to Fear is Not Being Able to Correctly Identify These Speeches (and Fear Itself)

Photo Credit: Tony Fischer Target: 8th or 11th grade (caliber of questions can be tailored based upon grade) Historic Skills: Contextualization For Students: The following two excerpts are both from inaugural speeches given by FDR. Based upon what you know about the time during which FDR served as president, respond to the following prompts: Which […]

“The People happen to love me.”

Image from Page 6 of The Life of Benjamin Franklin Lesson Study: First Draft Content: Students will be given a quote by a famous historical figure, or a quote about an important moment in history. Preferably, these quotes would be ones that are not typically associated with the speaker or moment, so that students will […]