Lesson Plan Reflection

Well, apparently “preview post” = crash the computer…so here this goes, for the second time.

I did not see the benefit of the lesson plan outline before class. Even though I had done the outline, it felt like I was just putting into words the ideas that I had already thought about while making my lesson plan. Maybe it was different for me, because I had already given my lesson so I knew how it went over with the students, and I knew how all of the goals were met during the lesson. However, during the peer partner/share time, I found myself needing to explain in better detail parts of my lesson plan – what had seemed clear to me were not as clear to other people. I also noticed that the peer share was really beneficial, as it gave me a chance to bounce ideas off another person, and to hear their ideas for a similar lesson and a similar class. I think that, for next time, I’ll try to use a lesson plan that I’ll be giving in the future, so that the outcomes are not as definite and there is a better place for peer feedback.

My one suggestion for the lesson plan outlines is to shorten the classroom share aspect. It seemed a bit too long, especially because a lot of the components were the same or very similar. I’d like to try the “speed dating” share, so we all get to hear about each others’ lessons, but we are all keeping actively busy throughout the time. Then, if there are a couple really really really good lesson plans (new technique, challenging unit, etc.), have just those 2-3 people present their lesson to the class. I think that that would cut down on repeated information, but it’s just a suggestion.

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  1. I agree with you on that the share out took a bit too long. I think that doing a “speed-dating” game would be more time conscious and overall more valuable so we can use class time for other activities. Good suggestion!

  2. I had the same issue when writing the lesson study. Because I had already written the formal plan, I don’t think it gave me too much to think about. I have a suggestion the next time you teach: write it in the “study” format first and then transpose that into the UP mock-up. This last week I went that route, and I feel my lesson was much more personal.

    1. That’s a good suggestion, except that that is not how I think. I like using the “official” UP lesson plan while I make my lesson plan – it gives me a good basis, and a good outline to follow. I’ve found when I don’t follow that format then my lessons are sometimes a little too lost.

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