Paleolithic and Neolithic Quiz

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Test your knowledge on both Paleolithic and Neolithic history

The attached quiz is intended to be taken by sixth graders in a social studies course attached to an ancient civilizations unit. This focuses on important concepts linked to both the Paleolithic and Neolithic eras and define important cultural facts that are important for longer analysis. Answer the questions on the attached google form as best you can.

Direct link to google form here.

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  1. Feedback on the questions is the super power of Google Forms.

    Many options here. A wrong answer could lead students to some “re-teaching” in the form of text, image or even video. In contrast, a correct answer could give them new information.

    If you used sections in a form – a wrong answer could lead students to re-teaching and a right answer could take them to the next question.

    Lot’s of ways to elevate a quiz and turn it into a differentiated learning experience.

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