The Evolution of the Cold War

This Google Forms Quiz goes through several major events of the Cold War. It should offer an assessment of where students are in their knowledge of the Cold War including key dates, conflicts, social movements, and political developments. The target group for this quiz are 11th and 12th grade high school students.

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  1. Hi, Bruce! First, I love the image you added to this post! It’s honestly what made me decide to look at your post deeper.
    I think your Google Form was a great assessment over events of the Cold War. I would suggest adding some type of feedback for wrong answers embedded into the Google Forms. I see that your form gives the correct answers to the questions, but I think it would be helpful to have a brief explanation for the correct answers.
    Great job overall! 😀

    1. Madi this is a really good idea. I hadn’t thought about that. Maybe I could pick your brain on what would be good feedback for a wrong answer.

    2. I agree with Madi. Feedback on the questions is the super power of Google Forms.

      Many options here. A wrong answer could lead students to some “re-teaching” in the form of text, image or even video. In contrast, a correct answer could give them new information.

      If you used sections in a form – a wrong answer could lead students to re-teaching and a right answer could take them to the next question.

      Lot’s of ways to elevate a quiz and turn it into a differentiated learning experience.

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