WWI Lesson Reflection

I believe the general ideas behind this lesson were solid, but the google doc format really did hold up the learning and purpose behind the entire lesson. The idea that as a teacher, I wasn’t doing anything besides answering questions and guiding students through an activity was really a great thing, the problem was in the execution. Upon further thought, I’ve modified the lesson to take place on a google form, and a final google slide show. The google form is less interactive than the document but ensures all students participate, and guides them through the lesson well. The google slides will allow students to still do the work finding their own piece of propaganda, political cartoon, or another primary source, but instead of awkwardly copy/pasting into a google doc, each student will have an assigned google slide, and they will do their work only within the confines of this slide. The students will then present their information to the class in a low-stakes presentation. I’m testing out this version of this lesson next week, so we’ll see how it goes!

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