Stalin’s Great Terror: Choose Your Fighter Edition

Image of Stalin and Kirov, 1925. Kirov’s assassination served as Stalin’s catalyst to try and execute former party leaders. Courtesy of Picryl.

Below is a choose your own adventure Google Form related to Stalin’s Great Terror. This form fits perfectly as an example project for my senior IB 20th Century History students. It’s an informative and educational way to present the fate of several key party leaders who Stalin rose through the ranks with and eventually outfoxed to become the leader of the USSR. Students also have some element of choice, and the form uses humor to help students remember who these characters were and the parts they played.

I will use this as an example of a type of project the students can create for a summative assessment of their understanding of how Stalin used fear tactics to consolidate power in his early years as leader of the Communist Party, eventually consolidating the power to the point of being the only authoritarian leader of Russia.

Link to Google Form.

4 Replies to “Stalin’s Great Terror: Choose Your Fighter Edition”

  1. Haha, I love your work, Olivia! I spent hours trying to make a “choose your own adventure” Google Form for this week, but I failed multiple times. It’s fun going through the different “fighters” to see if any of their prospects are good… they aren’t at all! While going through the multiple options, I’m learning about important figures and historical events that I didn’t know about before. This is much more fun than learning out of a textbook! Once again, fantastic job!

    1. Matt, sorry you had trouble with that. Check some of the resources in my class post. If they don’t help, I’d be glad to show you via Zoom.

  2. Olivia, this is a neat concept. This seems like a really unique and fun way for someone to learn about history. There was a ton of detail and thought put into each of the choices which made it enjoyable to click through them and see the effort that was put in. Great job!

  3. Olivia, I really had great fun with this – lol over many of your feedback answers. I tried every fighter and it was fun and very educational to see the responses. While your replies are funny they were also very insightful and I think students would be drawn into learning via your humor.

    Only thing I could suggest is adding a photo of each “fighter.” If you sized them all the same they could fit into the first question in tandem with the person’s name. Would add some fun for students – like picking an avatar.

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