We Are All From Somewhere


I am from a family of brothers and sisters.

Brothers and sisters who walk on all fours,

who are always happy to see you,

and who occasionally eat your Christmas presents—red wrapping paper and all.


I am from the gritty green cement of a tennis court:

rough to the touch, firm and unforgiving.

Encased by three painted white lines

and a woven black net stretched tight by two round net-posts.



I am from a father who has never been arrested,

but has been to jail more times than I can count.

From a blonde, blue-eyed mother

who is more comfortable using a chainsaw than wearing makeup. 


I am from large white snowflakes,

gliding down from a milky winter sky in February.

From snow covered roads waiting to be scrapped clear

by big yellow snowplows in the early morning hours.


I am from care, concern and hope.

I am from forgiveness.

I am from love.


Image 1: Wikimedia Commons link

Image 2: Wikimedia Commons link

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