Why teach economics?

The phrase factors of protection plays on the factors of production, the resources available for the production of goods and services: labor, capital, land and entrepreneurship. The images associated with the factors of protection represent resources and aspects of our lives that allow us to succeed and thrive.

Economics education is a social justice issue. Access to an understanding of the global economy, our nation’s economic system, the circular flow of economic activity, personal budgeting and financial security, taxes, and the role of government in fiscal policy allows individuals to self advocate and successfully participate as a consumer, investor and citizen/ voter.

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  1. Jacquie, thanks for sharing this insightful perspective! I’ve never thought of economics as a social justice issue, but I completely agree now that you’ve shared this. I’ve talked to a number of my classmates who agree, we wish we’d learned more strategies to help us with financial planning and debt management. Better to learn the concepts and understand them before you need them!

  2. I remember when I first got assigned to teach HS Eco, I had trouble with graphs: like supply / demand curves, price floors, etc. So I would always ask a student up to graph it. Someone in class would always comment something like “get up there cause Mr. Pappas doesn’t know how.” PS – I eventually got pretty good at it.

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