Memories of War

Students will utilize historical thinking skills in order to analyze primary documents. Students will work individually or in heterogeneous small groups to scaffold learning. Students will write a thesis addressing the question, how should our society view military service and its experiences in times of war. This thesis shall be supported by textual evidence. “All […]

Music, Photos, and More – American Reactions to the Vietnam War

With documents including music, photographs, speeches, and letters from a variety of perspectives, this lesson helps students answer the essential question: How should citizens relate to their government? To examine this question,¬†students will work in small groups to examine primary sources and respond to questions embedded throughout the Sway. This lesson could also serve as […]

Primary Sources and History: Learning about the Wounded Knee Massacre Through Primary Sources

In this lesson, students will be exploring the importance of primary source documents as well as their use in understanding the past. This lesson particularly focus’ on the Wounded Knee Massacre through accounts of those who were there such as Flying Hawk and Black Elk and images such as a drawing depicting the start of […]

Westward to Equality- An Analysis of the Great Migration, Frontier Life, and the Suffrage Movement

Westward to Equality:An Analysis of Frontier Life and the Suffrage Movement Jordan Bonnell Go to this Sway Essential Question:¬†Essential Question: Did the Western Migration in the mid 19th century draw women to fight for equality as they obtained more responsibility? Students will be reading the sway post and analyzing the different images, text, and primary […]