Harlem Hellfighters and the post-WWI African American Experience in America

This lesson is designed to give students an opportunity to use perspective taking to write journal entries as an African American soldier who has returned to America after fighting in WWI and is experiencing all the racial unrest that occurred in the years afterwards. The lesson explores the Harlem Hellfighters, the Red Summer, W.E.B Dubois writings, the Memorandum for the Chief of Staff regarding Employment of Negro Man Power in War, and more.

Ending WWII: Japan vs. U.S.

In this lesson, students construct a debate based on evidence from primary and secondary source documents.
Students will be tasked to debate for the PRO or CON side, using sources provided. Students will either defend or argue against the following statement:

Was the U.S. justified in dropping the atomic bombs on Japan?

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Ending WWII: Japan vs. U.S.
By Nicole Matier
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