Class 4: Crafting a Lesson

This class will begin with a review of the learning activities designed by students in our last assignment. Next we will discuss critical components of a good learning activity. Assignment 3 Students will develop and deliver a 30 min lesson in their assigned class 9/24 – Nicole, Nick K, Gabe 10/1 – Jana, Nick C, Jordan […]

Class 2: Historical Thinking Skills

Our class begins with a review of the Sam Wineburg reading and TEDEd flipped lesson Who is the historian in your classroom? (That will also provide a chance to discuss the efficacy of flipping content.  What are the challenges and opportunities for that approach?) Today we begin our study of historical thinking skills based on the work of Sam […]

Class 11: Mock Trials in the Classroom

I’m a big fan of using mock trials – they embody critical thinking in the classroom. Over the years I wrote a number of cases which proved to be effective tools for improving student analytic skills and Common Core skills. Here’s two posts from my blog on using them in the classroom. And here’s a link […]