The Art of Teaching

“When students dive headlong into writing poetry, when they share the living, beating heart of their own words, when they hear the pulse of joy and rage from their classmates, they are hooked”

Linda Christensen & Dyan Watson – Rhythm & Resistance

The words above may not represent the work of a social studies teacher, but they do get at the heart of what it means to teach. It is about imparting, discovering, and sharing the passions we have in the classroom, both students and teachers alike. When we are able to hitch our feelings of joy to the practice of learning astounding things are possible.

Over the weeks spent in this Social Studies Ed Methods course, I’ve been given the opportunity to explore my passions and interests in history and civics. Each assignment was open to my own interpretation and what ever material I wanted to pursue was valid. This virtual portfolio demonstrates the growth I’ve made over the course of this semester as well as my own interests within Social Studies. Many of my posts focused on the stories of oppressed people and minorities.

Additionally here are the posts where I focused on my other interests: German History, Western Expansion, the Political Divide in American Politics, and the Cold War.

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