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    1. Aug 28: Teachers and Students
    2. Sept 4: Three Keys to Student Engagement
    3. Sept 11: Teacher as Curator
    4. Sept 18: Mission Driven PBL (class meets at Oregon Jewish Museum)
    5. Sept 25: PBL From Ideas to Action
    6. Oct 2: Teaching Historical Thinking
    7. Oct 9: Teaching Historical Thinking – Part II
    8. Oct 16: No class / Fall break
    9. Oct 23: Screencasting Techniques


Assignments (By Class)
  1. Learner selfie via FlipGrid. (Due Sept 4)
  2. “Where I’m From” (Due Sept 10) | Student responses
  3. Curate an exhibit (Due Sept 17) | Student responses
  4. PBL first reflection  (Due Sept 24) | Student responses
  5. Thinking skill jigsaw (Due Sept 25) | Student responses
  6. Historical Thinking Lesson (Due Oct 1) | Student responses
  7. No assignment for class 7. Continue to work on OHM project.
  8. Screencasts / Slidecasts (Due Oct 29) | Student responses

2017 SyllabUS 

ED 533E syllabus Fall 17

Image credit:  Wikimedia

New York Herald’s 1906 Funny Folks Calendar with Buster Brown (and his dog Tige), Little Sammy Sneeze, Hungry Henrietta, Little Nemo and other cartoon characters of the era cavort at top. At right are cartoon sheep. Illustration of a crowd cheering a football game at bottom right. Large figure in center, probably Athena, with owl and putto/Cupid. At bottom left a couple in clothing of the Rennessaince era walk past flowering bushes. Above at left is a modern night-time city street scene with streetcars and an automobile.